Genealogy for people on the go

GEDitMobile is an iOS app that allows you to display and manipulate GEDCOM 5.5 formatted genealogy (Family History) files (FHFs) as well as the ability to create and edit FHFs. GEDitMobile is compatible with GEDitCOM II, a fully functional OS X genealogy package. Highlights of GEDitMobile include:
  • Ability to read FHFs and PDFs stored on your iOS device or in a Dropbox folder
  • Display of all GEDCOM Record types as well as GEDitCOM II Place (_PLC) Records
  • Navigation tools including ability to jump to next, previous, first and last Records of any type
  • Ability to search Records for desired terms
  • Full and compact displays of Individual and Family Records with or without color coding
  • Display of Thumbnail portraits generated by GEDitCOM II or GEDitMobile
  • Support for GEDitCOM II extensional tags, including _URL, _EMAIL, _HME and _MEMO tags
  • Display of linked maps and websites
  • Support for GEDitCOM II formatted notes with active hyperlinks
  • Ability to handle single parent and non-traditional (e.g., unmarried and same-sex partner) families
  • Generation of Pedigree Charts and interactive Pedigree Lists
  • Generation of Family Group Sheets (LDS and non-LDS formats)
  • Ability to save (as PDF), email and print Records, Pedigree Charts/Lists and Family Group Sheets
  • Ability to view, print and email saved PDFs
Editing capabilities include:
  • Creation of new FHFs
  • Ability to add new Records to FHFs
  • Editing of existing Records in FHFs
  • Ability to establish links to external media files, maps and websites
  • Creation of Thumbnail portraits
A preview of GEDitMobile in action can be found here. Instructions for using the display capabilities of GEDitMobile can be found here. Creating and editing FHFs using GEDitMobile are described here. If you are interested in acquiring GEDitMobile please visit the Apple Store.